Bored of your old NBA 2k14? Want to update it just like the latest NBA 2K18? Now you can.
We all know that NBA 2K Game updates every year. The Latest of 2K is the 2K18 which they released recently. The gameplay became more realistic and added a lot of new features. 

But what if our PC  can't run the 2K18 because of low specifications and old hardware? Can we still play 2K18? The answer is YES! With this mod, your old NBA 2K14 will make you feel like you are playing the latest 2K Game. 

With the hard work and help of the modders of 2K, You can now play 2K18 in your old 2K14. The gameplay and graphics of 2K14 will be the same after the mod, but the courts, rosters, jerseys, players ratings, shoes and the body type of players will be updated to latest or change.

Follow the instruction carefully. If you have a problem regarding the mods, don't hesitate to comment and let our admins will help you. 

Common Problems:
No head, White arms,  NBA 2K is crashing, 

Common Solutions:
Make sure you put all the files inside the main director.

-Updated Logos
-Updated Courts
-New Jerseys (long sleeves)
-New Rookies
-New Shoes
-Latest Roster
-Updated looks of NBA Players

Basic Requirements:
-You must Have NBA 2K14 installed on your pc already
-A bit of knowledge in modding

1St StepDownload the following:
-NBA Appdata Files
-Main directory Files 1-25
- NBA 2017-2018 title screens
-Universal Portrait File
-30 Team Court Pack updated
-Bliss Tight Jersey Mod
-2017-2018 TEAM LOGOS
-NBA Scoreboard Logo
-2018  Presentation

2nd Step:
-After you download all the files, extract all the files using winrar
-Copy all the files except the "NBA Appdata 
Files" inside the folder and paste in 

-Copy and Replace all the File

3rd Step
- After you paste and replace, Go to the NBA Appdate file you downloaded. Copy the files inside and paste it in  (C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\)

4th Step
Start the game and load it from options
- After the copy and paste process, which is not so hard, you can start the game and load the roster file from options menu and you are ready to play.


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  1. After i donwloaded the mod my career kept crashing right before i was about to go to post game interview pls help

    1. try to load the association file before entering to my career.

  2. Why 12 main directory only are available?

  3. thanks 2kspecialist finaly i can play nba 2k18 .. and i start downloading the files thanks dude :D

  4. Después de que descargué todos los archivos, mi carrera siguió fallando justo antes de que estuviera a punto de publicar la entrevista del juego,Por favor una respuestas los instale todos pero justo cuando va a el contracto de nba se frisa


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